10 Months

When I got the opportunity to leave Los Angeles, to work in San Fransisco for 10 months, I jumped at the chance! I wanted a change! I was hoping to gain a whole new perspective on life. I thought, why not, it is only 10 months! It was scary to think of leaving my friends, my Mother, but professionally, I knew I needed to go. I needed a notch in my belt, to earn a credit on my resume, maybe even save a little money. On a personal level, I knew deep down destiny was calling! I felt brave, so I went, just¬† Me, my dog, Jerry and my favorite Gnome, Yohan! (You’ll be seeing lots of Yohan in my future blogs)

Little did I know how much Destiny had in store for me. Little did I know that those 10 months would turn into 8 years, marriage and motherhood. I have been to and lived in so many places since 2004 I can even keep it straight. My exact reason for starting this blog!

8 years later I can not imagine what my life would be like had I not gone! Had I not answered destiny’s call? That one choice led me to an amazing career in Theater, my Husband, my Son and the Greatest Happiness a girl could ever dream up!¬† I did not leave my heart in San Fransisco, but I sure did find it!

It is incredible to think what can happen if you are able to risk and gamble on 10 months!