524 Miles…From El Paso, TX to Tempe, AZ

This is how it works! We always close the show on a Sunday after a few weeks in one city, then raise the curtain the following Wednesday night in the next city. It all happens very fast. To me, it is like magic, because I am never there on Tuesday to see how, in one day, the crew unloads the 17 Semi’s then reloads our entire show back into a new theater. But, it happens without fail, and by Wednesday morning when I arrive along with Wardrobe, Hair and the Cast, everything looks and works as well as it did in the last city! Magic!

My Husband, Mitch is one of the magicians at the theater on Tuesday morning. Because of that he is never able to ride with us and always flies to the next location. Bri the Super Nanny, Mace, Jetson and I are on our own between cities. We love driving most of the time, but on occasion, we have had to drive many miles in only 2 or 3 days.  2300 miles to be exact from Cincinnati to LA, has been the hardest drive to date, but we did it thanks to a happy baby, caffeine and Tom Petty.

This trip, El Paso to Tempe was a piece of cake, only 424 miles in 2 days. EasyPeasy! So we decided to add 80 miles, a few hours and drive up to White Sands National Park in New Mexico! Joining us in caravan was Janet, a dear friend from the show, her dog, Rocco and cat, Maverick.

Here are a few pictures of our incredible day at Beautiful White Sands

Quite possibly Jetson’s idea of Doggie Bliss! All sand and NO water!

And No leash! (Since it was the off season the ranger allowed us to let the dogs off leash, we were the only people there and we promised to pick up poopies! Read this book to find out why we think SAFE off leash time is important to a dog)

Janet took these amazing pictures of her babies! They are so good she even entered a few in a contest. Vote for them here!I took pictures of my baby (and Super Nanny flipping around in the background)Mace sat for a while, fascinated with the sand flowing through his fingers. I hope in his lifetime he will always take the time to love and appreciate this wonder. Bri and Jetson did a little sand sledding.

Mace got some nuzzles and kisses from his Super NannyA little Mommy Love tooJanet got Kissy with Rocco waiting for sunsetAs we said goodbye to the sun we had to say goodbye to White Sands. Tired and happy we made our way to Tempe. It was such a great day!-Stina, Mace, Bri and Jetson xoxox

140 thoughts on “524 Miles…From El Paso, TX to Tempe, AZ

  1. The 10th and 11th photos are really cool because of just how blue and uniformly shaded the background mountains came out. The background in those two has a two color theme going on between those mountains and the sky. :)

  2. What a life! Totally, totally beyond existing words to describe! I so envy you, especially being there in the west. White Sands and Sedona — !!!!! I feel like I could touch the computer screen and feel the sand. I’m so glad you were fresh pressed!

    • I have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i.. for the Cover photo I used iso of 400 f/16…no filters! I also checked the time it was 4:09pm in the west…the color really was perfect! Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Great post. When I saw it on freshley pressed I was confused since the headline said TX and AZ but on the picture it looked like a landscape of snow. Interesting, had no idea that sand in that colour exsisted :D

  4. White Sands was easily one of the coolest places I went to on my trip. I walked out for about 10 minutes by myself and spent a few hours just meditating and existing in space. Of course, I also slid down a few sand hills… Beautiful!

  5. White Sands is beautiful. Your photos are great! It’s been too long since I visited there.

    Please see my new travel blog:

  6. I grew up in Alamogordo and Tempe, AZ! This was such a nice read, I love White Sands. Used to spend countless hours there during school breaks. I’m glad you covered it and are spreading the word about its boundless beauty. Thank you.

      • Funny Story, we did go to the Caverns! It was so incredible, I had never seen anything like it! I took so many pictures I had to change memory cards and accidentally dropped my camera card down one of the deep openings in the cave! So the cave swallowed up the visuals! Damn! But, yes it is amazing there!

      • Oh no, I can’t believe you lost your card! That’s really a bummer. Someday archaeologists will find it and will know what the caverns used to look like, if they can find an old-timey “chip reader” to decipher it :-)

  7. Wow, beautiful pictures! I’m new to the Southwest myself, but I’m really enjoying it (except for the freak snow warnings yesterday…). I love how pristenely white the snow is!

  8. For a while there I thought the baby was under clothed until I eventually figured out the snow thing. The simplicity of the photography was refreshing, it allowed for the story to stand out in the forefront. Beautiful baby, memories to show him when he will be old enough to ask what the pictures are about.

  9. I’ve been to El Paso (in 1987), but unfortunately could go no farther west. “White Sands” is quite an appropriate name! I know much of Arizona and New Mexico is desert–but I had no idea, until now, how white the sand can be! It really is as white as that on the beaches here on the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  10. Oh, wow. That sand is amazing. It must have been incredible to see it “live” and walk through it. The sun plays beautifully on the sand, too. Also – they are such cute dogs! I love picture 2, where I can see the sand flying under the force of paws! Cheers.

  11. You are all so lovely in these beautiful photographs. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.
    I am glad to meet your blog. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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  13. Wonderful photos! The little fog looks as though it is having so much fun – & you have your cat there as well! Goodness. I would be scared to let my cat out like that, but she doesn’t like travelling.
    It looks rather stunning, the White Sands National Park.
    Lovely post. Thank you.

  14. What a lovely post! You have a most interesting life. Nia linked to your blog for us today. I’m happy she did. I love it.

  15. Wow…LOVED the pictures! Great, great photograhy! I need a better camera for sure, as I am into photography. What camera do you have? I live in Tempe, and I have to be honest and say, whenever I travel, it’s hard to come back here. AZ has never felt like home to me. Sorry…I know people LOVE Az. I like it, but do not love it. What is it that your husband does? Is he a musician?

      • I LOVE Dutch Brothers! Even though I drink decaf, it’s still the best! Thanks for the camera info, I’m going to check it out! Sound eng. – cool job! Always on the road, I’m sure. Take care!

  16. The starkness between the sand and the subjects is stunning and beautiful! I only live about 10 minutes from Tempe and was surprised to see these beautiful pics with that heading- Tempe, not so beautiful but O.K.!

    • I think sometimes when you live somewhere and get into the grind of things the beauty is harder to find! I could stare at a cactus all day! But then again I don’t get to see them very often…so it is super cool to me!

      • You know, they ARE cool! We used to drive from California to AZ every other week, about 380 miles and we always loved looking at the cactus, all the strange shapes. Got to respect a saguaro that only grows about 1 inch a year and apparently does not get an arm for many, many years.

  17. These are all such amazing photos. And I must say you all look great. My boyfriend and I have made a few long road trips and I NEVER look good. I am currently working as a Nanny for a 9 month old girl. I must give kudos to Bri for her matching outfit and all ;) I must admit I’m a bit jealous of her job. Beautiful little boy, dogs, and cat. Thanks for sharing!

    • I will let Bri know, sounds like you two have a lot in common! It is a great job for a Nanny, but lots of traveling when you are not used to it! I told her she should start a fashion nanny Blog???

  18. Your pics are lovely. My favorite is your baby’s “curiosity” picture. My oldest “baby” now lives with her husband in Alamogordo, near White Sands, and loves the dunes. Enjoy the path you’re traveling.

  19. These are great! I live in El Paso and I recognized White Sands immediately. Glad you and your family got to enjoy it :) Thanks for sharing your photos! Safe travels

      • I have never been to Indonesia, but I would love to see it! If you look closer to the pictures it is not snow, but sand! It is very different from many places in the USA! It is also very hot there, not cold at all! At least not that day! Bali looks very beautiful too! I would love to Scuba dive near there one day

      • Hehe yes. I look it closer, it’s sand.
        but from the far look like snow.
        Desert.. :)

        yes. Bali have beautiful beach and great for surving.
        If you come to my country tell me.
        Maybe i can be your guide with your family.

      • thanx so much for your message. feels nice to know that some people are checking out my blog. and yes, you have to watch the Artist, I absolutely loved it. see you soon on your blog !

  20. I remember seeing White Sands for the first time last year and was truly amazed. I travel a lot for work (TX and NM) and this was definitely a top I had to make. Paradise….

    Mace is adorable!! :-)

  21. Looks great there, white sands… Living in Belgium we don’t get much of that but I might get to see them one day.. :-) Love the story.

  22. Great photo’s, love the “Jack” shots, great to see the animals being a big part of the family. My Jack would love the open space, he wouldnt be that keen on the other pets though. Enjoy your journeys…
    Andy O.

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