Are you a Goonie?

If so, you would know exactly where we spent our day off!That’s right; it’s Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast! I might be dating myself, but I have always considered myself a Goonie. If you have no idea what I am talking about -go watch, this movie from 1985! You will then learn- that Haystack Rock is a clue to find One Eyed Willy’s gold! One of my favorite films from childhood.

Mitch and I were so excited to take the Super Nanny and Mace to this very special place, as a bonus we were surprised to find out that the entire beach is a leash free dog beach. Pure Doggie Bliss, for Jetson- and his best friend Seamus, who also came along for the day. The furry boys were able to run to their hearts content!I was able to play with my lensbaby a little more… the next two pictures were my favorite of the day!Seamus is a beautiful, FAST whippet! It was so nice to catch him in a moment of stillness.

My guys were so patient while I got lost with my camera; they had no idea I zoomed in with my telephoto lens. If I had to guess, Mitch was probably teaching Mace about something complicated and wonderful, like Quantum Physics.

Just 30 miles from Cannon Beach is a small town called Astoria, since it was “THE” town in the movie Goonies, we decided to add it to our trip. It was so dark and dreary I thought it looked more interesting to shoot a few pictures in black and white. Even though it was gloomy I felt very warm and dreamy roaming around town. Everyone was so friendly and it had a creative vibe to the city.Fort George Brewery is a great place to stop for a bite and a beer. Mitch ordered a sampler and loved the Emerald Pearl Brew made with green tea.I loved the chalk art menuOne thing I think I have gotten into the habit of doing while we have been traveling, is to city shop. I always ask myself, could I live here? Would I be happy here? Would Mace and Mitch be happy here? Is there enough creativity and progressive thinking for us here? What is the art scene like? Can I get Organic Veggies and Grass Fed Beef here? And although, we have been and lived in so many cities, my list is short. Astoria might be cool enough to add to that list! I liked it!

Portland Through the Eye of My Lensbaby

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

John Ruskin

Reading this quote validates my happiness while we are here in Portland! It has rained every day since we arrived almost 2 weeks ago. I am trying to blend in with all of the complaints around the theater, but to be honest, I LOVE IT! It IS refreshing to me, besides my hair does this really fun curl thing, that only happens when it rains!

To add to my fun here, there is no sales tax, so I decided to take full advantage and buy myself a new camera lens I had been wanting for awhile. It is a creative lens that bends the focus, leaving only a small portion of your image in focus. It’s called a LensBaby– check out their website here! Kind of hard to explain, so I will just post a few pictures of what I have taken so far in and around the theater, Downtown Portland.Cherry Blossoms!Portland started the Food Trucks culture!I love the movement you can get from this lens! Mitch and Jetson walking the line of Food trucks!Jetson begging for…SPAM! From the Hawaiian Food Truck!Mossy Staircase!Portland Trees!Super Nanny and Mace having fun at the Theater!

The Bjorn Days

The Baby Bjorn has by far been the most useful product we received at our baby shower. Thank you, Kevin, Doug and Seamus! We have used it since day one and is an absolute must for active parents! When I was still on Maternity leave in Washington DC, I loved to walk around the city, Mace snuggled into my chest as close as possible in his Baby Bjorn. A stranger approached me one afternoon and said “Ah, how I miss The Bjorn Days. Cherish them always.” Not until recently have I really grown to understand what he meant. Mace is pushing 25lb now and getting a bit too heavy for me to carry him that way and I miss that closeness already. However,  Mitch is still strong enough to carry him in the Bjorn, and Mace loves every second of it!  You can tell by the following picture Mace will have his Daddy’s adventurous spirit! Mitch takes off up a mountain, and I am always left to catch up!  One this particular day, we were hiking up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ. one of the most beautiful places in the west. I have been there twice since I have been on tour, once while with The Lion King and then again with Wicked, the first time the show came through Tempe. I love it, and was excited to bring Mace, so we could show him pictures later! If you have never been, you must go and take a Pink Jeep Tour, they are loads of fun and a great way to experience Sedona’s landscape.Pretty!Gorgeous! All of my boys climbing up, up, up….it was a really short, but intense 600 ft. climb up to the top. Here we all are, once I finally caught up!Joining us that day was our Tempe roommate Renee, or rather Nay Nay, which can be documented as Mace’s third word. “MaMa, DaDa, NayNay”! and of course Super Nanny, Bri who is still waiting for Mace to say “Be Be”xoxoxoChristina

10 Months

When I got the opportunity to leave Los Angeles, to work in San Fransisco for 10 months, I jumped at the chance! I wanted a change! I was hoping to gain a whole new perspective on life. I thought, why not, it is only 10 months! It was scary to think of leaving my friends, my Mother, but professionally, I knew I needed to go. I needed a notch in my belt, to earn a credit on my resume, maybe even save a little money. On a personal level, I knew deep down destiny was calling! I felt brave, so I went, just  Me, my dog, Jerry and my favorite Gnome, Yohan! (You’ll be seeing lots of Yohan in my future blogs)

Little did I know how much Destiny had in store for me. Little did I know that those 10 months would turn into 8 years, marriage and motherhood. I have been to and lived in so many places since 2004 I can even keep it straight. My exact reason for starting this blog!

8 years later I can not imagine what my life would be like had I not gone! Had I not answered destiny’s call? That one choice led me to an amazing career in Theater, my Husband, my Son and the Greatest Happiness a girl could ever dream up!  I did not leave my heart in San Fransisco, but I sure did find it!

It is incredible to think what can happen if you are able to risk and gamble on 10 months!