The Bjorn Days

The Baby Bjorn has by far been the most useful product we received at our baby shower. Thank you, Kevin, Doug and Seamus! We have used it since day one and is an absolute must for active parents! When I was still on Maternity leave in Washington DC, I loved to walk around the city, Mace snuggled into my chest as close as possible in his Baby Bjorn. A stranger approached me one afternoon and said “Ah, how I miss The Bjorn Days. Cherish them always.” Not until recently have I really grown to understand what he meant. Mace is pushing 25lb now and getting a bit too heavy for me to carry him that way and I miss that closeness already. However,  Mitch is still strong enough to carry him in the Bjorn, and Mace loves every second of it!  You can tell by the following picture Mace will have his Daddy’s adventurous spirit! Mitch takes off up a mountain, and I am always left to catch up!  One this particular day, we were hiking up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ. one of the most beautiful places in the west. I have been there twice since I have been on tour, once while with The Lion King and then again with Wicked, the first time the show came through Tempe. I love it, and was excited to bring Mace, so we could show him pictures later! If you have never been, you must go and take a Pink Jeep Tour, they are loads of fun and a great way to experience Sedona’s landscape.Pretty!Gorgeous! All of my boys climbing up, up, up….it was a really short, but intense 600 ft. climb up to the top. Here we all are, once I finally caught up!Joining us that day was our Tempe roommate Renee, or rather Nay Nay, which can be documented as Mace’s third word. “MaMa, DaDa, NayNay”! and of course Super Nanny, Bri who is still waiting for Mace to say “Be Be”xoxoxoChristina